Welcome to MAYAworld, a plan for a new kind of internet. But it can’t happen without your support.

We believe that traditional models of financing lead to anti-member behavior, so it is important to us that it is owned and funded by its members.

We are raising money to build the MAYAworld prototype. Our target is $300 - 500k, which is pretty lean for a build of this scale.

We are asking for a $10 donation. If you can spend $100 like it’s $10, then we will accept an EXCE$$ payment so we can get to our goal quicker. If you can’t afford $10 please contact hello@mayaworld.online and we can discuss a trade.

All money raised will go towards building MAYAworld.

What do I get:
Most importantly, your MAYAgirl number. This will be your login and handle when MAYAworld launches. First come, first served. As a funder member you will get exclusive access to the beta.

*** If you are one of the first 100 MAYAgirls (you filled out a Google Form in March 2023) please message hello@mayaworld.online to secure your 2 digit MAYAgirl number - we have reserved it for you.